My Time based door lock

This is my time based door which is just a hidden piston door linked up to Automated Street Lights created by StephennJF.

Dead easy to make following his tutorial and can be linked up to anything. In this case it's a hidden doorway powered by pistons to create a secret entrance that is only open at night and closed by day.

The last house you will ever need - aka Zombie Fortress

Just showing off a project i'm currently working on and will have it up for download soon. It's my attempt at a zombie proof fortress, complete with defences activated by 1 switch which will block access to all doors from the outside, Iron Golem elite that will be released, extra lighting, and an plan b escape to the second level which is easily cut off from the first with another flick of a switch on the second level. 

Check it out and leave a comment on the youtube if you think i should add something else.

Introducing Bootstrap Buckaroo

Bootstrap Buckaroo is an awesome animator who creates some amazing Minecraft videos using some of the great things we love in Minecraft, and making them even more awesome than what they are.

You can check out his Youtube channel here, and watch his latest video below - Cooking with Iron Golem. Enjoy and check out his awesome work.


Wasn't sure whether to call this a space station or a Sky city but it suits both purposes really well. Making full use of the Minecraft snapshot features this city is high in the sky and has plenty of mob spawners using mob eggs and dispensers.

My aim was to give you a place amongst the stars but with all the creature comforts, and places to experiment and create.

Anyway, hope you enjoy - Download the world here

Sky City a WIP + Some minecraft snapshot favourites.

This is another quick vid showing of a build i'm currently creating, and some of the minecraft snapshot features like Iron Golem's and zombie / villager interaction.

Hope you enjoy.


This weeks feature world is a creation called the Bauhaus Compound created by wwtoonlinkfan as his first ever minecraft build. It makes for a very cool modern apartment complex, and is ready for you to move straight on in and decorate, maybe landscape a bit. It also reminds me of a factory or facility, either way it's a very cool creation and especially as your first.

>> Download the world here
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Date Posted: Sun 19th Jan 2012


Welcome to my apartment. This is where i eat, sleep and play minecraft but made in minecraft. It feels scarily like walking around in my apartment, and if you download it, you'll pretty much feel like your in my apartment too. Creepy. Download the world below and enjoy.

>> Download the world here

Date posted: Sun 19th Jan 2012


This is my Minecraft themed amusement park called - Miners World. There are some cool rollecoasters, one where you get to take an intimate ride with Steve, a giant chicken that lays eggs, a cow that gives off milkshakes from it's teats. This world should have you occupied for a while, check it out and download if you want to.

>> Download Miners World


If you haven't checked out this guy yet, well you should, in fact you should click on the image above and go check out his Youtube channel. This guy can do amazing things with blocks, and redstone.

Check out the latest video which is a fully functional clock, and i thought my egg laying chicken was cool.


This world comes courtesy of Nickels444 who has made an amazing maze that will leave you stuck for quite awhile. I tried it, got lost, and somehow ended back out at the starting point. It's pretty challenging. There is some other cool stuff on this world also so check it out and download it below.

>> Download the world
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Date posted: 5th Feb 2012 


With just a couple of months off the 2012 Olympic games kickoff a group of Minecrafters have gone and built their own Olympic games in Minecraft. Featuring a total of 9 awesome events to compete in, this world is waiting to be loaded onto a server near you, and will provide lots of great fun. For this reason we have chosen to feature this world on the site this week. Go download it now, and have a blast.

>> Download the world here.
>> Upload your world for review here.

Posted: 28th Jan 2012



Zelenka Land

The background featured on the site this week is from Zelenka Land which was anonymously uploaded to us and is filled with some really cool buildings, archery range, ski slopes, snowball arena's, rollercoasters. Once you're done you can grab a bite from McDonalds, or Taco Bell. Well worth a play in this one.

>> Download the World here
>> Upload your world for review

Posted: 22nd Jan 2012


This weeks featured world comes to you courtesy of Chordus, who has submitted quite a few awesome worlds, and this is another one in the making. This one has some neat building designs and a very cool hidden staircase, plus lots more. Check out the video review, and download the world below.

Download the world:

Upload your world for review:

Date posted: Sunday 15th Jan 2012


Welcome back to another week, and another world to review. This world was uploaded to us by Ninjacraft and is a server world full of lot's of cool things to do and explore. This world is now the backdrop for the website and will be for the rest of the week.

>> Download the world here

If you want to see your world reviewed and featured on the site - upload your world to our forums and we'll pick one each week to do a video review of and feature here on the front page.

>> Upload my world here.